Motivational Speaking



Motivational Speaking

Brian De Beer offers motivational speaking throughout South Africa. No matter the event, Brian De Beer will add value and motivate your audience.


A little about Brian De Beer



Brian found that the biggest problem in sales is that 20% of the sales force generated 80% of the sales.


25 years ago Brian developed sales training and management processes that resulted in his sales force of over 1000 sales people in 8 different countries becoming the 1st sales force in the world, where 80% of the sales were generated by 80% of the sales people.


The sales processes and management systems were so effective that all the large Health clubs and Gym chains in Europe, Asia, Australia and South Africa have implemented them.


Brian has worked with and supported companies in the fitness industry in more than 15 countries. He has been involved in opening up more than 110 health clubs in 15 different countries, setting the sales strategy, developing sales training and sales management systems most notably selling 6000 memberships in Madrid Spain in 4 months.


Brian has a passion for growing and developing people and many of his staff are now in senior positions all over the world or running their own successful businesses.


Brian has consulted to and trained many sales people in many companies outside the fitness industry, always guaranteeing and delivering a minimum of a 10% increase in their sales performances
Brian identified the specific need for effective practical training and management to guarantee results and established this company to do that. Ineffective, complex sales management and the lack of quality support and training has resulted in many businesses under-performing.


Brian’s goal is to provide the following skills
Effective goal setting
Time management


We are are selling regardless of our what we do and without this essential skill you will always be at a disadvantage.


Contact us today to have Brian speak at your next function.

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